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Why did I become a scout?

I have been a scout right from the beginning, age 6 I became a beaver, my birthday was my first meeting, it was quite scary at first as I didn’t have many friends but after a few weeks I got plenty of friends.

I did beavers for a a couple of years and then it was time to move up, beavers was fun but my adventure needed to move on, I moved up to cubs, this was still just as awesome as beavers and more.

I did 2 and a half years at cubs before moving up to scouts and this is where the adventure became real, like previously I was quite shy when I first went as not many of my friends moved up at the same time as me but this all changed within a few weeks and we were having the times of our lives, by the age of 12 (half way through scouts) I became a PL (Patrol Leader)

By this point I was saying goodbye to my scout group so I could start my new adventure at district level – I was heading to explorers! This was a big step for me, I knew 1 person at the unit I was going to, but eventually I got some more friends and explorers was one of the best evenings of the night

I started Beavers for my DofE Silver – Volunteering, having finished my DofE 6 months I have continued being a Young Leader so I can continue bringing joy to a bunch of 6 to 8-year-olds.

Where will scouting take me next?
Check back soon to find out…

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