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Super Squirrels

Scouts has launched a brand new Scouting section for 4-5 year olds, the new section will be called Squirrels, and 200 new groups have opened today following the initial trial of 44 groups

Matt Hyde joined BBC Breakfast this morning and said that it is “a tailor made program for 4 to 5 year olds” Matt also said its more about where they’re launching it and that they are focusing on “those communities that been most impacted by the pandemic” Matt also pointed out “if you are four years old, you’ve spent a third of your life in a pandemic and much of that in lockdown”

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain Bear Grylls said “first time in 35 years that the scouts have opened up scouting to another age group” Bear went on to say it’s “really exiting time for everyone involved in scouting” but bear pointed out “we need evermore volunteers”

On Times Radio Breakfast this morning Matt Hyde was asked “What kind of specific skills will they learn?” to which he responded “sort of skills that you learn probably other ages in scouting whether that be about teamwork or communication” but “of course it’s tailored for this particular age group” Matt also mentioned how scouts have attracted a completely new type of volunteer “of the volunteers who came forward 58% were new to scouting so they had no family experience of scouting before so we actually see this is a great way of bringing in new audiences people from different backgrounds audiences that have traditionally or communities have traditionally been probably more under represented in scouting”

For even more information about the Squirrels section and how to volunteer see scouts.org.uk/squirrels

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