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World Scouting’s JOTA JOTI event

Scouts from across the world will celebrate JOTI. The event is the largest digital scouting event in the world and brings together more than 2 Million Scouts on Platforms like ScoutLink, Minecraft and Discord.

We scouted the JOTI community to find out what people like about ScoutLink, here’s what we found

I like JOTI because it gives me the chance to meet with other scouts around the world.

UltraOnaStar#5967 (Discord)

“The thing I like most about JOTI is getting to chat with scouts and leaders from all over the world. It helps to know you are part of a HUGE movement that makes a big impact”

Meercat13 (Scoutlink)

I like JOTA-JOTI because I can speak to people around the world in Scouting; and it also gives other people on what there county does, so its very useful in meeting people.

𝒫𝒽𝒾𝓁𝒾𝓅#0444 (Discord)

Thankyou to all 3 and everyone that sent there’s in too for sharing those with us, now one other thing people like to do for JOTI is listen to Avon Scout Radio’s official Joti Radio, You can listen to this using the player below:

Don’t forget you can join our discord server and celebrate JOTI using all of the platforms below, and more

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