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Red arrows with red white and blue smoke fly over Buckingham Palace with the royals on the balcony

Coronation 2023

Saturday 6th May

Around 500 Scouts from across the UK and the Commonwealth came to London to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. Scouts travelled from near and far to come together to celebrate this historic moment.

I (Joe Dodman, Tent Talks Podcast Host) was one of the lucky few (around 150) scouts who had a role around Westminster, along the procession route and parks in central London. There were also around 50 Explorer Scouts who watched a special screening of the Coronation and had afternoon tea at Lambeth Palace.

My role in Westminster was at Amiralty Arch, I was in the smallest team of all the Westminster teams. We called ourselves the “Amiralty Archers

Absolutely all of it was amazing but red arrows was definitely up there

Oliver from Manchester, via Instagram

Meeting amazing people and making a difference

Ben from South London, via Instagram

Leaving on Sunday with newly formed friendships and the knowledge of how important Scouting still is in today’s society

Hannah from Birmingham, via Instagram

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