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How to Deal With Stress

This week it is GCSE and A Level results day, this means that many people including myself are actious. We’ve got 10 tips to help deal with stress

Talk about it

You can talk to your family, your friends or whoever you feel comfortable. If you don’t have anyone at home who you feel you can speak to you can always contact Childline on 0800 1111

Have some alone time

Why not listen to one of our podcasts to try and clear your mind

Have a Laugh

Why not watch some try not to laugh videos to take it off your mind


Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps your brain deal with stress

Don’t compare yourself to others

Every Human is unique. Some people perform well under pressure, some don’t, just because someone in your class is able to get a grade 9 doesn’t mean you have to, they may not be as good at other things, such as doing knots or climbing.

Pet an animal

A Horse or a Hamster this should help relive the stress. If you don’t have a pet why not ask a friend or visit a local farm

If these don’t help or you are sill feeling stressed, please remember there are organisations you can turn to such as Childline or Samaritans

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