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Snowdonia Camp 2022

Norway Pre-Camp

As part of our county camp to Norway this summer, the unit had a pre-camp in Snowdonia this weekend. The weekend was great fun for all and full of memories for all.

Friday Night

Image of group in minibus

Friday night was a minus of mayhem. We set off around 5-6pm from multiple pickup points around the county.

After about an hour and a half of a mix of chatting, listening to music and people realising what they’d forgotten (oops), we arrived at our pre-agreed stop and met for McDonalds with minibus 2.

We then continued for another hour and a half of Minibus Madness

Saturday Morning / Early Afternoon

On Saturday we got into our walking groups (not as simple of a process as one would think) before jumping in the minibuses to the beginning of the day’s adventure

We ventured off in our groups, mine the explorer belt group, on a voyage back to base. The wind was blowing keenly but not to a dangerous extent.

The route was lined with insta photo opportunities, almost all of which were taken advantage of with lots of group selfies and pictures.

Saturday Afternoon / Evening

Let’s be honest, everyone’s had at least one “was that on the risk assessment?” moment… Making a pyramid of people… oh and did I mention the County Commissioner and Youth Commissioner were due to arrive any time while this was being constructed and one of those people went to the World Scout Jamboree in a wheelchair (you’d think they’d learn).

Sunday Morning

During the late hours of Saturday the weather forecasts for Sunday forced us into changing our plans, the network group had tried to plan a trip a local adventure site, Zipworld for a session of “Bounce Below” (a cave, twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, full of springy nets).

(Picture: Zipworld.co.uk)

Sunday Afternoon

Time Flies when you’re having fun…

After a great weekend comes a long (3 hours) minibus home, usually with half the minibus asleep and the others playing music at full blast (some decent tunes and some not so good ones).

As on the way down we stopped for food on route, this time at a service station with a selection of food outlets.

Was a fun weekend


Great weekend with great people


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